The Game is a Changing!

Posted by Dale on Aug 17, 2010 in Uncategorized |

Recently I went to a Voice Over conference in LA in an effort to stay atop of what’s new in the biz. As I looked around the room, I quickly became aware of one thing.

I recognized almost no one!

Why is this important? Well, I’ve been in the biz for a while and through that time have come to be familiar with quite a few of the industries working professionals. Those people were not there.

So who was?

I set down at the table and struck up a conversation. From that point on, nearly everyone I talked with were people trying to get into the Voice Over business.

Turns out this conference had people come to LA from Norway, Britain, Japan, even Las Vegas. All hoping to bite from the pie that is Voice Over.

With websites like Voiceover123, the world of Voice Over is no longer in LA, New York, and Chicago. Now it’s in Salt Lake, Madison, and I guess Norway and Japan.

It used to be that the Voices from LA, and NY went to those places.
(I’ve voiced commercials in Europe, Asia and Australia.)


Now the voices are coming to LA and NY from those places and they’re willing to do if for cheap.

I’m not here to talk about the good old days and how things are going down hill, but rather to identify where the business is headed, so I make sure my business is headed that direction as well.

If you don’t change with the times you face becoming obsolete. Just visit the Closed Steel Mills of Pennsylvania, or talk to a guy who still has a high speed dubbing tape deck.

So it’s changing, now what? Well that’s a great question and one I’m still working on.

The only thing I do know, is that it means effort and work and risk and not giving up on the dream of working as a Voice Over Actor.

2 responses to “The Game is a Changing!”

  1. Dale-

    It is changing and anybody with a microphone is jumping into the vo pool. That doesn’t mean everybody that jumps in knows how to swim. Sure, they can make splashes in the water but their amazing ripples only get them so far.

    I agree, that it takes more effort to get the jobs today that were easier to attain a few years ago. There is more “noise” that clients have to filter when deciding on a vo talent. They have a particular voice in mind and it seems it would be more difficult to find that voice amongst all the noise.

    We will have to work harder for the money. I was told once that in any given business 20% of the professionals do 80% of the work. Hmm… I think I’d like to be in that 20% and will work hard to get there. I have the passion and that’s what drives me.


  2. Clinton says:

    Times they are a changing indeed … luckily, guys like you are staying up to speed and pushing the bounds of the newest technology and trends. Keep on keepin on – the only thing to fear is fear itself