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Most books/blogs/opinions about Voice Over are directed to the beginner. Why?

Well that’s easy, The Novice is desperate to get in, make “One Million Dollars” and live the good life. And for that they are more then willing to hand over a small fortune.

Ever wonder why so many people are teaching voice over?

10 years ago I could count on two hands the number of Voice Over teachers/Demo producers. Now the pages of The Voice Over Resource Guide is filled with those who would love to help you on your path to the “Easy Money” that is, Voice Over.

Short answer… It’s a steady paycheck in the “Hard Money” that is, Voice Over.

Some people do just love to help others, me included. So much so that I’ll meet with anyone and give them all the advice that I can pretend I know, For the the low low price, of a cup of Coffee. Meaning you buy me coffee and I’ll talk about what I love, Voice Over, till you get sick of me.

This offer stands whether you can meet me in LA, or over the phone.

My take is, that I’d rather save you a whole lot of time and more importantly, Money. I won’t be your coach and I won’t make your demo and I won’t be your guru, but I believe I can be your friend and help set you on the right path. Be that Voice Over or a Cheese maker in Nepal.

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It’s a New Voice Over World Order

Posted by Dale on Nov 29, 2010 in Uncategorized, Voice Over

A few weeks ago I was driving home from an audition, slowly drifting back and forth from actual concentrated driving and looking for something, anything more interesting then driving in LA, when lo and behold what did I see? A sign!

This sign, just like other signs, was designed to catch the eye of passerby’s. Those driving with a constant wondering gaze in search of something beyond the ordinary.

Now a sign that can promise a better life for only 19.99, a greater hamburger for cheaper, a new way to straighten hair, a cell phone plan that can connect you to spaceships in the next galaxy, a place to get a custom voice over demo, an airline that… what a minute, did I actually see a sign on the side of the road advertising Voice Over Demo Reels? Yes my friend, yes I did.

It’s a new world order and enough people now know about voice over to warrant road side signage.

I call that I wake up call from the alien ships above and I better make sure my cell phone plan is set up for interstellar calls.

The days of a few have giving way to the many, and if you’re not busy changing, then you’re busy dying. And the best advice I can give for living a happy full life, is,

” “

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Bleep My Dad Says!

Posted by Dale on Nov 15, 2010 in Voice Over

In the world of strange Voice Over Recordings this one goes down as one of the strangest, and served as a lesson of “Go With the Flow, but don’t forget to call your agent if things go way too long.

Last week I recorded a Voice Over for the show “Bleep My Dad Says”. Only this was no promo read, but rather a commercial read for a commercial that Bill Shatner is watching in the show, and said commercial features Cybill Shepherd. You following me here?

So my part consisted of saying three lines, simple right? You just lay down the tracks, do three takes of each, bing, bang, bong, out the door…right?…Right?

My call time was 10 at the Warner Brothers lot, Set 5. The last time I had a call time I was wondering if Y2K was going to force me store gallons of water, buy a generator, and move to Wisconsin where I could be “Off the Grid”

I got a script messengered to me, and they even had me of the cast list page under Co Star. Although there was an asterisk next to my name, and the dog, so I wasn’t completely flattered.

For the recording we actually we’re called to set, where Bill was totally checking me out as if might have been a Klingon.

Then they had me stand in the middle of the set with Cybill Shepherd where we had a pleasant chat about here career from “The Last Picture Show”, to “Moonlighting”, to the present, all in about a two minutes.

We recorded and then I was sent to the Green Room to wait. They did apologize for making me hang out in the Green Room rather then my own trailer. There was just too many people on the show they told me. I’m just thrilled that someone thought I might need a trailer!

The “Go with The Flow” part was the rest of the day as I was reminded how good I have it with Voice Over. I ended up leaving at 4:30 that day, after lot’s of waiting and little reason for me to be there.

The “Call My Agent” was reinforced by my agents as they asked “Why didn’t you call us!?”

I guess the unique, odd experience is enough to let someone make me sit in a room all day with a fridge full of beverages another voice over actor and an head executive of the show from CBS, who we thought was an extra.

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Down to me and another “Woman”!

Posted by Dale on May 10, 2010 in Voice Over

So two jobs in the last few weeks have come down to me and another “Woman”.

Which, in my opinion, is fantastic. If they go guy, it’s me. If they go girl, they go her, and there just isn’t that much I can do about it.

So on one job, they went with the girl, the other me. 50/50? I can live with that.

What’s more on one of the jobs they told me one of the big reasons I got the job was I was the only one able to say, “Ahhhhhhh” and make it sound believable.

Who knew that skill set would one day pay off?

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“It’s down to you and another guy!”

Posted by Dale on Apr 12, 2010 in Voice Over

“It’s down to you and another guy!”

Agents love this! They love to call you at those times where you think they’re calling about a job.

They don’t want you to get to excited, but they just got a call from the producer and they said they’ve narrowed the massive nationwide search down to you and 5 other guys. So stay by your phone, cause the call could come at any moment and when they make up their mind they’ll want to record right away!

My advice…Do not stay by your phone! Do not call your family to tell them “the good news!”! Do not start thinking about how much money is coming your way! And do not start spending any of that money!

Do whatever you can to put it in perspective. Yes, it is an accomplishment. Yes, you have a much better chance then you did when it was down to you and 1252 auditions via VoiceBank. Yes, you need to be able to record if they do go with you. And, Yes it could change your life.

Just remember, chances are what they are and the “House always wins in the long run”, and it’s not down between you and another guy, cause they just went with Matt Damon, who’s schedule just cleared up, and who they wanted all along. One more thing, try to stay positive.

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Sometimes They Come Back.

Posted by Dale on Mar 24, 2010 in Voice Over

It’s been my experience that when a big account goes, it goes. You’re the voice, then you’re not, and that’s that.

After all why would they bring back someone they got rid of. That would be like bringing back the first Darren Stevens from Bewitched.

The other part of winning a big account is losing a big account. It is inevitable, at some point, the ride will end, the bars will lift off and some kid with bad acne and no motivation will ask you to exit while someone else takes your seat.

“Easy Come, Easy Go.”

is easy to say when it’s coming. Try it when it’s going. That’s the hard part.

I was talking with another Voice Over talent today about “the going” part. He said that he wished every voice over could get a big account and then lose it. It provides a perspective that you just don’t get when it’s coming.

The tendency of big accounts is lazy and entitlement.

The hard work somehow doesn’t seem as important and you begin to feel like you deserve the checks.

When that goes, if you’re not in the right place mentally, it can lead into a major downward spiral. Then you get desperate, and that’s the kiss of death for a read and a career.

I personally have had the big accounts and lost them, and have wrestled with every emotion that comes with that.

Luckily, I’ve now had the experience of having one of those big accounts come back, and having lost with the ability to say “Easy Come Easy Go”, while it was going, I can now fully enjoy the coming (back), with an appreciation and understanding that only comes from losing.

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Picked Up!

Posted by Dale on Dec 10, 2009 in Voice Over

So it is with little fanfare and much hope, that the two shows I’ve voiced “Mall Cops” and “Conveyor Belt Of Love”, have been picked up.

Mall Cops

Mall Cops On TLC

“Mall Cops” has had 12 episodes ordered by TLC and should start airing sometime in Spring of 2010.

“Conveyor Belt of Love” will air on Jan 4th on ABC. If things go well it has a chance of getting picked up for more episodes.

“Conveyor” marks my second foray into the world of Dating Shows, having voiced 750 episodes of “Elimidate”

Conveyor Belt Of Love on ABC Jan 4thClick Here for Trailer.

Between now and those pay checks anything can happen. As it did when I was the original voice on “The Simple Life” with Paris Hilton and Nichol Richie. The producers loved me, but somewhere along the way Fox decided they didn’t. As my saying de jour goes. “It Is What It Is.”

So really excited about the possibility of these two shows, but reserved as well.

As always never sure that my voice will end up on the show or that the shows will actually air, and definitely not counting the money until the check has cleared.

And yes… The check hasn’t cleared before!

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The Brain Sweats

Posted by Dale on Jul 22, 2009 in Voice Over

The time it took me 30 minutes to say the word Toyota was the worst Brain Sweat I ever head. The word came out wrong once, the twice, and then my Brain starting Sweating www.replicaforbest.co.uk, Thinking only about saying the word right, and thus assuring that I never would.images

Normally a mess up doing Voice Over, is just that, but on occasion it becomes a monster threatening to send you to the Looney Bin.

Your Brain starts to sweat about not getting it right and you cascade into a down word spiral of self doubt and loathing. You start to think about how dumb you are for not being able to say a stupid word or phrase that a 3 year old could. in my cause “Toyota”

You start to wonder how stupid everyone listening thinks you are. About how stupid you’ll look when your ineptitude makes it onto some famous reel of stupid people. If fact somehow you’re entire life becomes stupid in the wake of your complete failure to say one stupid, dumb, stupid word.

The question is not so much how you got here, but how you get out.

My advice: Do whatever you can!

Namely remember the song from Sesame Street. “Oops I made a mistake that’s all.”

It’s life, it happens, and the only real way you’ll leave a lasting “BAD” impression is to panic and start acting like a weirdo.

Make fun of it. Get goofy. Breathe. Think of playing baseball with Kangaroos.

Anything to take your mind off of your Brain Sweats.images-2

Oh, and you probably will find that you actually will begin to sweat for real!

I finally did say Toyota right. My secret? I took my Left Shoe off and waved it in the air while I read the copy.

Seriously !

Whatever it takes.

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Why do Voice Over?

Posted by Dale on Jul 9, 2009 in Voice Over

From the outside in, Voice Over is one of the greatest jobs on earth. (Always: As long as you’re working.) To be honest from the inside out, it’s even better then that!

I love working in Voice Over and that is why I do it.

Unfortunately why most people get into it is for the lifestyle and/or the money.

Silly, Silly, People.

"I'm just in it for the Money!"

“I’m just in it for the Money!”

Though they both may be great products of a successful VO career, they don’t provide the drive for attaining a successful career.

The Hope must be fueled by the right desire. In my opinion, that desire is the WORK itself.

Money and Lifestyle make for false hope’s that are much easier to disappoint.

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When It Gets Slow, Get Busy!

Posted by Dale on Jun 22, 2009 in Voice Over

Walked into a casting directors office today and had to make sure I was signing in for a voice over audition, and not for Kevin Costner’s roll in The Big Chill 2.

Never get cast as the Dead Man in a movie.

Never get cast as the Dead Man in a movie.

Things are slow, real slow. The office was scary quite, just as work for most is scary quite. The only thing you can do when it gets slow, is to get busy!

The more you think about the slow, the slower it’s gonna get. So get out there and do what you always wished you had the time to do. Do what you’re good at and get better.

Take a class, work on your craft.


One guy I know has dropped his golf handicap by 2 points.golf1

I’m hitting the “To Do” list around the house, and our garden has never looked better. Might even make it to the Ukulele jam session I’ve been meaning to go to.

Never let slow draw attention to itself. It makes you do things like think about getting another job, and that’s almost as bad as thinking about teaching.

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