Going Back to School

Posted by Dale on Oct 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

After many years of resting on my laurels, which at times was very uncomfortable, as it turns out laurels can be quite prickly. I’ve decided to reinsert my self into the role of pupil and search for enlightenment.

I was searching for some sort of shaolin monk to teach me “The Path”, but when I found out how much Monk’s were charging these days, I settled on an acting class on Pico Blvd.images-4

The questions are: Why? Why Know? Why an Acting class?

The answer: Cause it was time.

I just knew it was time to get back out there, and you know what, I have no purpose other then that. I have little idea where this is going to lead me and even less expectation.

All I know is I needed artistic stimulation with a little direction thrown in. You know something to add a little flavor to the soup.

I think that at some point every artist needs some type of class, seminar, or workshop to reawaken vision, or on a less esoteric note, get some blood pumping into stagnant muscles.

Only thing is, that you have to be ready to except it’s consequences.

Side effects can include: Hard Work, Artistic Rebirth, Telepathy Powers, Success.


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Fingers Crossed

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Hoping for two new pilots I just did to get picked up. Mall Cops “Mall of America” a show that picks up where Paul Blart left off, but with less Blart and more officer. The Pilot aired Thursday October 15th. The other, as of now has no air date. It’s called “Conveyor Belt of Love” and is just what it’s name says. 5 Women watch 30 Men come by on a conveyor belt and decide if they’re interested. I want the show to get picked up simply for the opportunity to get a t-shirt.

Who wouldn’t want a “Conveyor Belt of Love” T-shirt? Well, maybe my parents.

Just like On Camera actors VO actors have to sweat the networks suits deciding, in their infinite wisdom, whether a show is a GO. Cool thing about VO actors is they can have multiple shows at the same time.

But just like On Camera actors, just because you did a show that got picked up or renewed doesn’t mean you can’t be killed off.

Now maybe your character won’t die a tragic death in a freak Tea picking expedition on the tundra in Tibet, but there might be a producer who thinks they can do your job better, and it’s the same end result.

So keep your fingers crossed, have your family and friends praying, knock on wood, send bribes, or carve a tiki.

What ever you do realize it all turns to dust, the flowers die, and shows all get canceled. images

And yes The Simpsons, One day, will get canceled.

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